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Get into action with this amazing Crime Chasing Police dog game. In this latest crime chase game you run after the criminals and free the city from crimes. So, get ready for new 2017 action packed police dog game. Play the ultimate police dog simulator to complete multiple thrilling missions. Use your sniffing skills to chase down and lockup dangerous criminals. It’s police dog duty to identify and catch criminals. As a trained forensic police dog, take up the challenge to chase down the prisoners and don’t let them escape. So, assist the police force while controlling crime in the city and chase thief.
Police dog and prisoners rivalry is getting serious. The police game takes a new twist by making you in-charge of the prison security job. Become a real police forensic dog to keep a watch on gangsters, prisoners and criminals. As a trained police dog, take up the challenge to chase down the prisoners and don’t let them escape. Make use of the navigation arrow hints to track, chase and catch the criminals. Complete all police officer missions. The thrill gets even better when thief runs for their life and you as a police chase them and catch them. Catch a thief and stop crime in the city. Enjoy the excitement with this dog racing game in a realistic 3D city environment.
It’s really an incredible police racing game especially for action lovers. This game is about police vs. robbers where dog run and chase criminals. Stay alert and be the best dog for your official police squad. Police Dog Crime Chase is a 3D dog game where you chase criminals and control crime in the town. Catch the criminals and provide justice to people by giving back their valuable things. Security of the city is now in your hands because criminals have given security threats to the city. Sniff around, find a bomb and rescue civilians. This Crime Chasing Police Dog app has some challenging game levels. Just download this cop game now and have fun!!!
• Amazing and interactive 3D city environment
• Exciting and thrilling game play
• Stunning and high quality 3D graphics
• Realistic police chasing experience
• Extreme visuals and sounds effects
• Smooth and intuitive controls of pet simulator
• Many amazing security game dogs to unlock


Crime Chasing Police Dog.apk 47 MB

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